I'm Here
I'm here
Here if you need me
And if you don't
Here when you want me
And when you won't
Here as an ear
And as a shoulder
Here to pass time
As we get a bit older
I'm here for the good times
And for the bad
I'm here for the moment
However it's had
I'm here to laugh
And cry and scream
I'm here for worries
And here to dream...
No Sweeter Pleasure
There is no sweeter pleasure
Than the sweet simple treasure
Of your face in the morning
Painted orange with light
Through the blinds the sun's rays
Directing my gaze
To your soft skin and deep breaths
A breathtaking sight
You lost in your dreams
Oh where could you be
An eye twitch a lip glitch
You're somewhere more free
Leaving body behind
Your mind wandering
I sit here in awe
Sitting here pondering...
What I Know
Here is what I know. Today I went out into the world and discovered. I reinvented myself. I walked the long way because I wanted more journey. I met someone new. We danced in the street. We had a long conversation. We discussed energy and false boundaries. We touched often while talking. She told me I made her more beautiful. I told her she did it herself. We hugged and told one another that we loved each other. I left feeling inspired and uplifted. I was connected to everything. I texted a friend and lover about the absurdity of boxing in ideas; the dangers of separation and exclusivity. She asked me why people are mean and told me that I make her feel normal. I learned about yoga. I challenged my ego. I chose not to be offended. I let go and was at peace. I connected to my breath with every step. I felt the pressure of the ground pushing back on my feet and still felt weightless. I was aware of my relationship to every person I passed. I tasted the air. I laughed without caring. I stood still and noticed... 
Don't Wait
So often in life we catch ourselves waiting. Waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity. We wait to have enough money, we wait till we can put the words together to say exactly what we feel without betraying ourselves, we wait to do the things we want in order to do them "the right way." Don't wait darling... 
Strangers I'll Never Know
I’m on the D train heading to Marina Abramovic’s gallery. Aaron is working at the gallery and invited me to go so I grabbed Joe to go with me. I’m not quite sure what to expect. Aaron tells me it’s a blind and deaf improv jam where they take a bunch of people, blindfold them and cover their ears, then throw them all in a room to see what happens. I’m curious to say the least...
Sometimes I wonder who I am. I get lost in questions trying to define my identity. Am I my name? Am I this body? Am I a collection of memories and thoughts? Am I energy? Its trivial to try to comprehend what we are in terms of what we will become once we die. Once our bodies decompose and our names are forgotten. But right now, I sit here watching a beautiful sunset and feeling the light breeze on my skin. I hear the voices of strangers all around me and the hustle and bustle of the city down below...
Lately I’ve begun to appreciate the unpredictability of life. The fact that I don’t know; that I cannot predict or plan for a future which has yet to come.
I can however, be prepared for it. I can be prepared for it by being open to all the possibilities. By being prepared to gracefully let go of things not meant for me.
By being aware of all the opportunities that surround me and to try new things passionately and fearlessly with an open mind...
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